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Sinai Pearl Flamed

Sinai Pearl Flamed Surface Finish :

  • Flamed finish is another surface treatment that is commonly applied to marble. This finish is achieved by exposing the marble surface to intense heat and then quickly cooling it with water. This process causes the surface to fracture and creates a rough, textured appearance.

  • The main purpose of flamed finish on marble is to provide a slip-resistant surface that is suitable for outdoor applications such as paving, walkways, and pool areas. The rough texture created by the flaming process makes the marble less slippery, even when wet. Additionally, the textured surface helps to hide scratches and other wear and tear, making it a durable and long-lasting option for outdoor surfaces.

  • Flamed finish is also popular in contemporary interior design for feature walls and fireplaces, as it adds a unique and textured look to the space. However, it is less commonly used for indoor flooring, as the rough texture can be uncomfortable to walk on with bare feet.

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