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Sandblasted Brushed

Sinai Pearl Sandblasted Brushed Surface Finish : 

  • Sandblasted brushed finish is a surface treatment applied to marble to create a textured, matte finish. This finish is achieved by using a combination of sandblasting and brushing to create a consistent, uniform texture on the surface of the marble.

  • The sandblasting process involves using compressed air to blast sand or another abrasive material onto the surface of the marble. This creates a rough, textured surface that is then brushed to remove any loose debris and to smooth out the surface slightly. The result is a subtle, yet distinctive texture that is similar to the bush hammered and brushed finish.

  • The main purpose of sandblasted brushed finish on marble is to provide a non-slip surface that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It is commonly used for flooring, stairs, and other areas where slip-resistance is important. The textured surface created by the sandblasting process also helps to hide scratches and other wear and tear, making it a durable and long-lasting option for high-traffic areas.

  • Sandblasted brushed finish is also popular in modern interior design, as it provides a unique and tactile surface that adds depth and dimension to any space. It is often used for accent walls, feature pieces, and other decorative elements, as it provides a soft, natural appearance that is both elegant and understated.

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